Boom Lifts: Three Essential Guidelines for Better Workplace Safety


Improper usage of aerial boom lifts in the workplace can cause numerous problems in the worksite. In general, if this equipment is not utilised correctly, the operators and the workers in the construction or renovation area might sustain injury. Also, lifts which are not used as intended are susceptible to accelerated degradation and damage. If you are planning on hiring a boom lift for the first time, consider these guidelines on improving workplace safety.

14 December 2017

3 Safety Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fish Display Case


Commercial refrigeration display cases are one of the most important tools in a fishmonger's arsenal. Display cases help show off your fish to customers and keep them stored during sale hours. While size, shelving and appearance are all important factors when it comes to display cases, you also need to think about the safety factor--will your chosen case keep your fish fresh and safe to eat? If you're choosing a new display case for your shop, here are 3 things to keep in mind.

22 August 2017

Questions You Must Ask Your Equipment Hire Company


Many firms prefer hiring rather than purchasing equipment. Hiring equipment has many benefits; it ensures that you have exactly the right equipment you need for the job and that the equipment is up to date and fully tested. Hiring equipment also helps you avoid all of the hassle of storing the equipment once the job is completed. Equipment hire may seem like a straightforward choice for every business, but there are still some questions that you need to ask your equipment hire company before committing to a hire agreement.

18 July 2017

Arranging the perfect boom lift hire


Boom lifts are designed to allow you to easily reach locations that would otherwise be inaccessible. They are fitted with an articulated or telescopic boom that permits sideways outreach and let's you get over or around obstacles. There are lots of good reasons to arrange a boom lift hire. Boom lifts come in many different shapes and sizes, but to make sure you choose the right type of boom lift for your job, you need to think carefully about the situation where you will be using it and pick the model that is most appropriate.

30 June 2017

How to Keep Mobile Cranes Stable


Many serious crane accidents can be attributed to failing to keep those cranes stable. This article discusses some of the measures that you can take to keep a mobile crane stable when you have rented it for use during a project. Be Aware of Load Capacity Each mobile crane has a rated capacity of the loads that it can carry safely. The crane is likely to become more unstable as the loads that it is carrying approach the maximum rated capacity of that crane.

23 June 2017

A Comparison Between Stick and MIG Welding


Novices who would like to buy their first welding machine may not be sure about which type of welder would be the best for them. This article compares stick welding and MIG welding. Use this information to select the most appropriate welder for your needs. Metals You Can Weld Stick welders are very good when you want to weld stainless steel and ordinary/carbon steel. MIG welders can weld aluminium in addition to steel and stainless steel.

20 June 2017

Two industries which make use of air compressors


Air compressors play a crucial role in the day-to-day running of many industrial facilities. Read on to learn more about two specific industries which use this item on a regular basis. The automotive industry Air compressors are used for several different parts of the vehicle manufacturing process. They are, for example, used to inflate tyres to the correct pressure levels and to remove dust and other contaminants from metal car components.

25 May 2017

5 Tips for Teaching Your Kitchen Staff About Fire Safety


A huge portion of home fires (41 percent in some areas) start in the kitchen with cooking equipment. If you own a restaurant, the dangers can be even more serious in your commercial kitchen. To reduce risks of fires, you need adequate safety equipment, and you also need to train your staff. Here are some training essentials to consider: 1. Make Sure Staff Understand Different Types of Fires Different fires require different types of extinguishers, and if you try to put out some fires like grease fires with water, they will only get worse.

1 May 2017

Should You Have Your Broken Radiator Re-cored Rather Than Replaced?


Whether the engine you are running is fitted to a small car or an aircraft carrier, it will require at least one radiator to disperse running heat and prevent excessive temperatures from damaging engine components. Unfortunately, radiators are not immune to damage themselves, and most engine operators will have to endure having their broken or failed radiator replaced at least once in their lives. However, these is an alternative to a full-blown replacement of a malfunctioning radiator.

28 April 2017

Things to Consider When You're Selecting Engineering Plastics


Thanks to the introduction of engineering plastics, the use of plastic materials for industrial applications has become commonplace. Engineering plastics are a type of plastic that have superior mechanical qualities compared to typical commodity plastics, like polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polystyrene, and polypropylene. These plastics are easier to process, have better wear properties, offer superior chemical resistance, provide better thermal insulation and have many other good qualities needed for industrial applications.

24 April 2017