Boom Lifts: Three Essential Guidelines for Better Workplace Safety


Improper usage of aerial boom lifts in the workplace can cause numerous problems in the worksite. In general, if this equipment is not utilised correctly, the operators and the workers in the construction or renovation area might sustain injury. Also, lifts which are not used as intended are susceptible to accelerated degradation and damage. If you are planning on hiring a boom lift for the first time, consider these guidelines on improving workplace safety.

Choose the Right Operators

You should hire the right equipment operators to handle your aerial construction, renovation and maintenance work in your site. In general, boom lifts are designed to provide optimal flexibility when accessing at-height areas. However, the versatility of the equipment can become a disadvantage if the platform is not handled with diligence and care. Therefore, you should have an experienced boom lift operator in your workplace. Check their credentials and ensure that they have good work ethic before hiring them for the tasks.

Inspect the Equipment

You should make sure that the boom lift in your worksite is inspected before usage on any activities. In general, these aerial lifts are resilient and they are built to handle the adverse conditions of construction and industrial sites. However, they are not indestructible. An accident could damage the equipment or mechanical stress could cause a decline in performance. Therefore, you should have an experienced contractor or qualified worker conduct daily inspection of all the boom lift components before commissioning the lift for use.

Follow Weight Limits

You should check the capacity limitations of boom lifts before hiring or purchase. The right equipment should be able to support the general weight of the items handled during your aerial projects. The total mass might include the weight of the workers, building materials and general tools. As an extra precaution, you should make sure that the employees in your site are aware of the capacity limits of the boom lifts. You can provide the information verbally or during meetings, but you should make sure that there is a prominent label with the details.

Check the Surroundings

You should ensure that the surroundings are safe for the operation of your boom lift. In simple terms, you should be careful to ensure that there are no obstructions and obstacles in the way of the aerial equipment. If there are immovable structures or dangerous features, you should make sure that there is a strategy on avoiding them. The common dangers that you should consider include power lines, trees and potholes. 


14 December 2017

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