Questions You Must Ask Your Equipment Hire Company


Many firms prefer hiring rather than purchasing equipment. Hiring equipment has many benefits; it ensures that you have exactly the right equipment you need for the job and that the equipment is up to date and fully tested. Hiring equipment also helps you avoid all of the hassle of storing the equipment once the job is completed.

Equipment hire may seem like a straightforward choice for every business, but there are still some questions that you need to ask your equipment hire company before committing to a hire agreement.

How do I know that the equipment is safe?

As an employer, the safety of your workforce must be your top priority. Anyone hiring out equipment has a responsibility to ensure that the equipment is safe to use and has been properly checked for any defects before being hired out to your company. If you have any concerns regarding the safety of the equipment you are being offered, you should ask to see confirmation that the equipment has been fully inspected and has passed all relevant safety checks.

Is the equipment suitable?

Sometimes you know exactly the piece of equipment that you need, but sometimes you know what needs to be done but aren't sure exactly what you should hire. If you are presented with an unfamiliar piece of equipment, don't be afraid to ask questions to ensure you only hire the perfect item for your needs.

What are the financial arrangements?

There are a variety of equipment hire schemes available, and you will need to find the one that most closely matches your needs. While most schemes will still work out considerably cheaper than purchasing the equipment, you should ensure you understand what payments are involved, when they are due, and what circumstances would trigger financial penalties.

What are my responsibilities?

As the company using the hired equipment, you are responsible for day-to-day checking of the equipment to ensure that it is safe to use. You are also responsible for ensuring that the equipment you hire is used in a safe manner. If you are hiring the equipment for an extended period, you may want to arrange periodic inspections with the hire company to ensure that the equipment remains safe to use. You are, of course, also responsible for meeting all agreed financial obligations and for returning the equipment in good condition at the end of the hire period.

Understanding the right questions to ask your equipment hire company is vital to save you from unnecessarily high expenses and to prevent you from hiring unsuitable equipment. Contact an equipment hire company like Master Hire Pty Ltd to learn more.


18 July 2017

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