Two industries which make use of air compressors


Air compressors play a crucial role in the day-to-day running of many industrial facilities. Read on to learn more about two specific industries which use this item on a regular basis.

The automotive industry

Air compressors are used for several different parts of the vehicle manufacturing process. They are, for example, used to inflate tyres to the correct pressure levels and to remove dust and other contaminants from metal car components. Additionally, air compressors are used to blow paint from paint guns onto the surface of cars. This equipment also helps to power pneumatic tools, which are used to join together various car components. These tools play an important part in the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process, as they enable employees to carry out highly complex tasks in just a few seconds.

Perhaps one of the most important functions that air compressors serve in the automotive industry is to be the supplier of air to robotic machinery. Vehicle manufacturers use this type of machinery to pick up, transport and then bolt or weld together car parts, such as the roof, side panels and door pillars.

The food manufacturing industry

The vast majority of large-scale food manufacturing facilities use air compressors on a daily basis. This equipment plays an important role in the transportation of ingredients from one part of the conveyor belt system to the next.

It is also frequently used for sanitisation purposes. Maintaining hygienically-clean work surfaces and preventing food contamination is hugely important in the food manufacturing industry. Air compressors contribute to the cleanliness of facilities by forcefully blowing contaminants out of packaging such tins, bottles and other containers, before the finished food products are put into them. They are also used to sanitise machinery.

Additionally, air compressors have helped to automate the process of sorting food ingredients into their respective assembly lines (the force of the air propels ingredients forward). This has greatly improved efficiency levels in the food manufacturing industry (the previous approach of sorting items manually took significantly longer).

This equipment also helps to spray foods with various liquid toppings (for example, it may be used coat biscuits with melted chocolate or cakes with icing) and is used in the machines which inject fillings into pies and cakes.

Last but not least, air compressors are needed for the cooling and freezing of food products, in order to prevent the growth of mould and other microorganisms.


25 May 2017

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