A Comparison Between Stick and MIG Welding


Novices who would like to buy their first welding machine may not be sure about which type of welder would be the best for them. This article compares stick welding and MIG welding. Use this information to select the most appropriate welder for your needs.

Metals You Can Weld

Stick welders are very good when you want to weld stainless steel and ordinary/carbon steel. MIG welders can weld aluminium in addition to steel and stainless steel. The MIG welder therefore allows you to weld more types of metal during your projects.

Metal Thickness

Stick welders are very good when you will be welding thick materials. However, MIG welders allow operators more options because they can be used on materials whose thickness varies from thin to very thick.

Welding Speed

Stick welding is a bit slower than MIG welding. This is because the operator has to keep pausing in order to place a new electrode in the welder once the previous one has been consumed. MIG welding is faster because the welding wire is fed automatically to the welding tip. This means that you will be able to complete a welding project sooner if you use a MIG welder.

Skill Level

MIG welders require relatively minimal operator skill. All that the operator has to do is to start the machine and start welding. As already mentioned, the welding wire is automatically fed into the MIG machine. However, stick welding requires a higher level of operator skill. This is because the operator has to decide when it is time to change the welding electrode. He or she must then be certain that the new electrode has been positioned correctly before starting to weld. One must therefore use a stick welder for a while before he or she can become proficient at using it.

The Cost

Stick welding equipment is simple in design. It only has few components. Consequently, its purchase price is usually lower than the price at which MIG welders can be bought. MIG welders are more complex due to some of their automated functions, such as the features that enable a welder to decide at what speed the welding wire should be fed to the welding tip.

Stick and MIG welders are not the only types of welders available on the market. You should therefore ask an expert for detailed information about the other welders, such as SMAW welders, before you make a final decision. The expert will also help you to decide whether you need more than one type of welder for your projects.


20 June 2017

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