How to Keep Mobile Cranes Stable


Many serious crane accidents can be attributed to failing to keep those cranes stable. This article discusses some of the measures that you can take to keep a mobile crane stable when you have rented it for use during a project.

Be Aware of Load Capacity

Each mobile crane has a rated capacity of the loads that it can carry safely. The crane is likely to become more unstable as the loads that it is carrying approach the maximum rated capacity of that crane. It is therefore advisable for you to avoid lifting loads that are close to the maximum weight for that crane. Extreme care must be taken in case it is inevitable to lift loads that are equal to the maximum capacity. For instance, the heavy loads should be hoisted at the slowest speed possible so that the stability of the crane isn't compromised.

Account for Wind Conditions

You can also ensure that the mobile crane remains stable at all times by not using it in windy conditions that exceed the levels that the crane can withstand. This information is usually provided in the manual of that crane. You can also adjust lift parameters in case you are operating in challenging wind conditions. For instance, you can carry only half the loads that you have been carrying in case wind conditions worsen at a jobsite.

Be Mindful of Slopes

Mobile cranes can become unstable and tip over in case they are used on steep slopes. Non-slewing cranes are particularly prone to becoming unstable in case there is a steep slope in the direction of their travel. Implement all the manufacturer's guidelines regarding how to operate a mobile crane on steep slopes so that you avoid accidents.

Use Appropriate Crane Supports

The specific ground conditions at a jobsite should influence the particular supports that you should use for a mobile crane. For example, you should use outrigger mats in case you are going to use the crane in an area that is soggy. Such a support system will ensure that the crane will remain stable as you are performing your work.

Crane stability is just one component of safe crane operation that every operator needs to know. It may therefore be necessary for you to hire an experienced operator in case you have not undergone comprehensive training on how to operate a mobile crane. The cost of hiring that operator will be less than the costs that you may incur in case an accident occurs due to your inexperience.


23 June 2017

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