Two industries which make use of air compressors


Air compressors play a crucial role in the day-to-day running of many industrial facilities. Read on to learn more about two specific industries which use this item on a regular basis. The automotive industry Air compressors are used for several different parts of the vehicle manufacturing process. They are, for example, used to inflate tyres to the correct pressure levels and to remove dust and other contaminants from metal car components.

25 May 2017

5 Tips for Teaching Your Kitchen Staff About Fire Safety


A huge portion of home fires (41 percent in some areas) start in the kitchen with cooking equipment. If you own a restaurant, the dangers can be even more serious in your commercial kitchen. To reduce risks of fires, you need adequate safety equipment, and you also need to train your staff. Here are some training essentials to consider: 1. Make Sure Staff Understand Different Types of Fires Different fires require different types of extinguishers, and if you try to put out some fires like grease fires with water, they will only get worse.

1 May 2017

Should You Have Your Broken Radiator Re-cored Rather Than Replaced?


Whether the engine you are running is fitted to a small car or an aircraft carrier, it will require at least one radiator to disperse running heat and prevent excessive temperatures from damaging engine components. Unfortunately, radiators are not immune to damage themselves, and most engine operators will have to endure having their broken or failed radiator replaced at least once in their lives. However, these is an alternative to a full-blown replacement of a malfunctioning radiator.

28 April 2017

Things to Consider When You're Selecting Engineering Plastics


Thanks to the introduction of engineering plastics, the use of plastic materials for industrial applications has become commonplace. Engineering plastics are a type of plastic that have superior mechanical qualities compared to typical commodity plastics, like polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polystyrene, and polypropylene. These plastics are easier to process, have better wear properties, offer superior chemical resistance, provide better thermal insulation and have many other good qualities needed for industrial applications.

24 April 2017

How to Control Dust on Your Construction Site


If you work in construction, you are probably aware of all the common pitfalls, like dealing with mud when it rains and having to work early morning to avoid midday heat. Another thing you need to be careful of is dust. Dust can be dangerous for your workers who might inhale it, as well as affecting the cleanliness of someone's property if you are remodeling their home. Here are some tips for controlling dust on the construction site.

21 April 2017

Tips for Converting a Shipping Container to a Living or Work Space


Shipping containers are large containers often used for shipping items overseas, but many people are buying them to use for living spaces or work spaces. You can get them in a variety of sizes and put them anywhere from your backyard to an empty lot. You can use them for an outdoor office, crafting studio or even turn it into a tiny home. Here are some tips to follow if you intend to use it for a living or work space.

20 April 2017

Full Checklist for Preparing Your Boat's Motor for A Chilly Winter


Your boat is certainly the go-to asset when you want to go out and have fun in the waters during summer. When winter sets in, the cold conditions force you to keep the boat away for long periods until the weather is friendlier for fishing and other activities. Beware though! Storing the boat inappropriately during winter can easily damage its motor and plunge you into costly repairs. Here is a checklist that will save your motor from deteriorating during the storage in the cold season:

19 April 2017

What Finishes Can You Use for Aluminium Sheets and Rods?


Naturally, aluminium is one of those materials that has been created with a remarkable aesthetic and functional appeal. When it is exposed to air, aluminium forms a protective oxide on its surface to prevent corrosion. The oxide works well in many domestic and industrial applications, but extreme environments call for a more aggressive form of surface protection. To add on that, you can opt for another finish to enhance the looks of your fittings and make them suit the area where you are installing them.

17 April 2017

What to Consider When Hiring a Scaffold


Scaffolding is a necessity whenever you are building a new structure or even making renovations on an existing building. It will provide access to certain working areas and even ensure safety of the workers as opposed to working on a ladder for instance. You may need to hire scaffolding for applications such as painting, roofing, installing windows, bricklaying and rendering. However, before you select a scaffold for your needs, here are things to consider.

17 April 2017

Five Tips for Storing Pallets Safely


If you run a busy shipping and receiving area, you likely get deliveries on pallets, and then you have to figure out how to store the pallets until you reuse them. In some cases, you may end up amassing dozens of pallets or even more. To help you store them safely, take a look at these tips. 1. Stack Pallets Flat When stacking pallets, always put them flat on top of each other, and try to keep the piles as uniform as possible.

13 April 2017