Five Tips for Storing Pallets Safely


If you run a busy shipping and receiving area, you likely get deliveries on pallets, and then you have to figure out how to store the pallets until you reuse them. In some cases, you may end up amassing dozens of pallets or even more. To help you store them safely, take a look at these tips.

1. Stack Pallets Flat

When stacking pallets, always put them flat on top of each other, and try to keep the piles as uniform as possible. Don't slip pallets in vertically or place a bunch of different size pallets on top of each other. That could create a situation where the pallets end up falling unexpectedly. That could hurt you, your staff or anyone else walking by that area.

2. Try Not to Make Pallet Stacks Higher Than the Average Person

If you're dealing with a lot of pallets, it can be tempting to make unwieldy, high stacks. However, those stacks can be dangerous, and if the stacks are too high, it can be hard to remove pallets from the top of the stack. Try to limit the height of your stacks so that a person of average height can easily lift the top pallet from the stack.

If you need to optimise your vertical space, consider putting in shelving units. That way, you can make multiple stacks relatively safely.

3. Take Adequate Fire Precautions

Whether you are storing pallets inside or outside, remember that is a big pile of wood, and if a spark hits it, it may light on fire. To protect yourself, you shouldn't use welding equipment or other spark generating equipment near your pallets. If outside, don't let people smoke near the pallets. You may also want to make sure that there is a fire sprinkler over stacks of pallets indoors.

4. Get Rid of Broken Pallets

Broken pallets don't support your shipments very well, and they can be hard to stack. For example, a broken pallet could make an entire stack crooked and unstable. If possible, get rid of broken pallets. You can arrange to have new pallets delivered if needed.

5.  Protect Pallets Outdoors

Finally, if you store the pallets outdoors, you may want to take some additional steps to protect the pallets from the elements. For example, consider putting a tarp over the pallets, and be sure to invest in pallets that have been treated to withstand mildew and insect infestation.



13 April 2017

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