What to Consider When Hiring a Scaffold


Scaffolding is a necessity whenever you are building a new structure or even making renovations on an existing building. It will provide access to certain working areas and even ensure safety of the workers as opposed to working on a ladder for instance. You may need to hire scaffolding for applications such as painting, roofing, installing windows, bricklaying and rendering. However, before you select a scaffold for your needs, here are things to consider.

The Rating of the Scaffold

Look at the rating of the scaffold you intend to hire. They can be rated as light duty, medium duty and heavy duty. Go for heavy duty if your project is relatively large. These types of scaffolds can support workers, materials and their tools. You can also consider this type of scaffolding if you need to reduce your project times because it can support more than just the worker and some handy tools as is the case with light duty and some of the medium duty models.


You may need to obtain a permit before you erect the scaffolding. Permits simply ensure that you have met all the required safety standards. In most cases, the company from which you hire the scaffold should get the permit for you.

The Type of the Scaffold

Scaffolds come in a variety of types, so you must be extremely keen when choosing one. The type of project you have will determine the perfect scaffold for the job. Self-supported scaffolds are the first option you will come across. These are usually ideal when extra support will be needed, especially for medium and heavy duty scaffolds. As suggested by the name, self-supported scaffolds have framing structures and poles that are installed in the ground to ensure adequate support to the equipment.

The other type of scaffolding that is similar to the self-supported models is rolling scaffold. The major difference is that rolling scaffolds are fitted with wheels. This enhances the mobility of the scaffolds, making them more convenient for use on a range of projects. Suspended scaffolds are the other common type available for use. They are similar to supported scaffolds in construction. However, suspended scaffolds are anchored with ropes to the top of the building you are working on. Suspended scaffolds can be fitted with lever or pulley systems, making it easy for workers to navigate different levels on the building. This is why suspended scaffolds are the best choice if you are working on tall buildings.


17 April 2017

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