Lesser-Discussed Considerations That Are Indispensable When Shopping for Welding Machines


If you are venturing into the industrial sector, even on a small scale, you will find that welding is an almost unavoidable process for running a successful industrial business, and this can be credited to several reasons. First, welding is a vital technique in a wide array of industries ranging from construction to automotive and even aviation. Hence, if you want to have an edge against the competition, you must employ welding techniques in your industrial fabrication processes. Secondly, welding results in high-performance metal products with enhanced joint strength, so when carried out correctly, your final products will not only be durable but long-lasting, too.

Although the first step to adopting welding in your new industrial business is purchasing the right machines, a mistake some new industrialists make is focusing solely on the cost of the equipment and forgetting there are other factors to bear in mind too. In addition to being cognizant of the primary metals that you will be utilising, as well as their thicknesses, check out the following lesser-discussed considerations that are indispensable when shopping for welding machines.

What is the duty cycle of the welding machine?

Not many individuals purchasing welding machines for the first time will make allowances for the duty cycles of the equipment they are considering, yet this factor will have a direct impact on how productive your chosen welding machine will be. Generally, the duty cycle refers to the amount of time you can use the welding machine continually until it begins to overheat. The duty cycle also factors in the amount of time that that equipment will need to cool off before you can continue using it for welding.

While the duty cycle is largely influenced by the thickness of the metals that you will be welding, you should also know that the amperage you will be employing will affect it too. The higher the amperage, the faster the welding machine will overheat, and this translates into a lower duty cycle.

How user friendly is the welding machine?

Another common blunder some new industrialists make when shopping for welding machines for the first time is assuming that the wider the range of specifications provided by the equipment, the better suited it will be for their industrial needs, but this is not usually the case if you are just starting. If you have recently taken up welding and have just acquainted yourself with the varying techniques, for instance, TIG welding, MIG welding and more, you should invest in plug and play welding machines before upgrading to complex equipment.

The plug and play variety allow you to familiarise yourself with using a welding machine for extended periods and this, in turn, gives you the chance to determine which type of technique, and consequently which type of welding machine, would be best suited for your industrial business' long term needs.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for welding machines near you.


14 January 2022

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