3 Benefits of Installing Aprons on Wild Dog Farm Fences


You might need to try a few different techniques to create an effective barrier fence against wild dogs. These wily creatures are good at finding ways to get through fences to farmland.

While some feral barrier fences are complex, you can install fences with aprons for a simpler solution. Here, your fence doesn't just extend down to the ground; the fence's mesh extends along the outside of the fence and on to the ground in front of it.

What are the advantages of using aprons on your dog fencing?

1. Make Digging Difficult

Wild dogs don't typically scale or jump over fencing as long as it is high enough. However, they are really good at digging under fences. They tend to use the hole to move mesh or to burrow under the fence to get on to your farm. If your fences have aprons, then dogs can't dig under them. As long as the apron extends far enough out, it will deter dogs from trying to dig. They might still try but they'll stop when they hit the apron. They can't dig through the metal. They'll soon learn that they can't get through the fence this way.

2. Reduce Your Workload

If you put up a regular fence, then you'll have to put some work into its erection. You have to factor wild dogs into the mix. You might have to focus on digging deeper and more extensive trench foundations so that you can bury some of the fence's wire underground. Even small farms can have a lot of fences, so you might spend a long time on this job.

Meanwhile, aprons reduce your erection workload. You don't have to worry about trench work. You simply extend the fence mesh to create an apron or attach an apron to the fence. Once secured, the apron prevents dogs from digging close to your fences or causing any damage.

3. Get Help From Nature

Fences can lose some of their strength over time. Wind and exposure to the elements can cause some damage. On the other hand, aprons get extra support from nature itself. Once an apron is on the ground, grass and plants will grow through and over it. The apron gets extra anchors here. Even if a fence panel gets a bit wobbly, the apron will probably stay stuck on to the ground.

To see aprons in action, talk to rural fencing contractors.


19 April 2021

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