Why You Should Consider Installing a Car Lift in Your Garage


Is not having enough floor space in your garage standing in the way of you getting an extra car? Thankfully, there is a solution for this problem – car lifts. Car lifts, also referred to as auto lifts, are devices that are primarily used to elevate cars off the floors, so as to make use of the vertical space in the storage area. 

The garages in most homes can only accommodate a single car. Installing a car lift can allow you to convert your one car garage into a garage for two cars, with one car stored above the ground surface, while the other is parked on the garage floor. This means you will not need to rebuild or extend your garage to accommodate the extra car, thus saving money.

The benefits of car lift installations go beyond simply being a space-saving way to store cars in garages without adequate floor space. We're going to take a look at some other essential perks you stand to gain if you decide to install a car lift in your garage. 

Car servicing

The use of car lifts is commonplace in auto repair or mechanic shops. Mechanics use these devices to raise the car off the ground so that they can access the underside of the vehicle for inspection or repair service. If you are a DIY car inspection and repair enthusiast, your garage-installed car lift can perform the same function. Car lifts are easy to operate – you simply apply a bit of force on one end and the hydraulic fluid within the system multiplies it into a much greater force on the other end. With a small amount of force, you can end up lifting a massive load by yourself, like your car!

Car protection

Cars can be expensive to maintain. When asked to choose between installing a car lift in your garage and parking your car outdoors, the choice is obvious. A car lift will make it possible for you to store your extra car indoors where the elements can't damage it, and vandals and thieves can't reach it. This way, your car will keep looking nice and it will be safe from vandalism and theft. For individuals with high-end cars, installing a car lift is definitely a worthwhile investment. What is more, cars stored indoors when not in being used tend to have extended engine service life.

Keep in mind that you can install a number of car lifts in your garage, depending on how much space is available. 


7 April 2017

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