Should You Change the Size of Your Commercial Air Conditioner?


When you need a new commercial air conditioner installed through a place like MTA Australasia, you might stick with the same size unit you have currently if it seemed to work properly for your building and average temperatures. However, if it wasn't cooling the space sufficiently or it seemed oversized, it may be time to opt for a new size unit. Note a few considerations to keep in mind in order to ensure you're making the right choice when it comes to the size of your new commercial air conditioner.

Furnace and air exchange

Many people don't realize that an air conditioner is typically hooked up to a furnace; the furnace is connected to the ductwork in a building, and it also holds an air filter. Cooled air is run through that filter in the furnace before it gets pushed through those ducts.

If you opt for a larger air conditioner unit, you may need to opt for a larger furnace or air handling unit, to be able to easily handle the amount of air that gets circulated by your new AC unit. This can obviously add to your replacement costs, but can also be a good opportunity for upgrading the furnace to something more powerful or more energy efficient.


You may be thinking of downsizing an air conditioner, if the one you use now is oversized and hardly ever used, or you closed down certain parts of your building and don't need as much cooling overall. However, there are zoning laws in some areas that dictate that your commercial building must have a commercial-size air conditioner; your only downsizing option might be a residential AC unit. Be sure you check with local zoning laws before you decide on a smaller size so you won't need to remove it after a city inspector comes by and inspects the unit.

Using split spaces

If you can downsize your air conditioner, you might consider if there are spaces that can be cooled with a split system. This type of AC isn't hooked up to ductwork, but it vents directly out a wall and then blows cool air out a front panel. This can be good for a space that is occupied infrequently, such as a back entryway that is only used at night or an office only used for occasional visitors. Installing this type of split system in these spaces can allow you to downsize your central AC unit and then have those spaces cooled only when in use.


5 April 2017

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