Packaging and Storage Solutions: Why You Should Choose Timber Over Cardboard Crates


Today there is a broad range of packaging and storage solutions, all of which have their advantages and disadvantages. Before selecting a particular material, it is critical to take into consideration the products that will be packaged and how they will be transported or stored. Timber and cardboard crates or pallets are great packaging options for a variety of materials. How do you determine which of the two is best suited for your specific needs? This article discusses some of the reasons why you should choose timber over cardboard crates for your packaging, shipping and storage needs.

Strength and sturdiness

Timber crates are the best option if you are packaging heavy products and materials. They can handle most heavyweight materials without showing signs of structural weakness. Cardboard crates have weight limitations as they can tear or break when used for heavy products. Also, when it comes to withstanding the elements, timber can maintain its strength and stability even when exposed to humid conditions. On the other hand, when exposed to water, cardboard will weaken and collapse, compromising the quality of the packaged products.

Longer lasting

Packaging materials contribute a significant portion of storage and shipping costs; therefore, choosing a durable material that can be reused is a great way of keeping costs low. Wooden crates are outstanding for long-term packaging, shipping and storage. They can be used over an extended period and still maintain their strength and structural stability. Timber can also be recycled and used for making other wood products such as DIY furniture. This makes it an eco-friendly material. In most instances, cardboard crates can only be used once. To reuse them, extra care must be taken during handling and transportation to prevent tearing.

Efficient stacking

If you have a storage warehouse, you know the importance of finding packaging crates that can be easily stacked to save on space. This can be a great concern if the available storage space is small. Timber crates are sturdy, and this enables you to stack them high, hence, creating more storage space. They also give you a better view of the contents, making it possible to spot the needed products with ease. On the other hand, cardboard boxes are not easily stackable as they tend to topple over. You can only stack a few boxes, and this means more storage space. Also, you cannot see the contents of the box and will be required to label them for efficient inventory.

Contact a professional for assistance on how to choose the ideal timber boxes for your packaging, shipping and storage needs.


5 April 2017

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