The Secret to Top Notch Performance in Hydraulic Cylinders


Hydraulic machines play a very important role in construction projects. They help you move heavy loads, dig up tough surfaces and fill up large holes within short timelines. The same cannot be said if you were to rely purely on human effort to do all these things. For this reason, it is important to keep hydraulic cylinders in good shape so that your machines are always working best An important part of this is hydraulic cylinder honing. These cylinders hold the hydraulic oil, pistons, seals and valves. Essentially, they are the basis upon which the hydraulic machine is built, and you need to have a professional home them for you to enjoy benefits like the following:

Reduced Contamination of the Hydraulic Fluid

Contaminated hydraulic fluid is one of the major problems associated with using hydraulic machines. If foreign materials are introduced into the fluid, that leads to partial or total failure of the hydraulic system. Honing prevents the contamination of the hydraulic fluid. During the process, the abrasive technique removes contaminants from the lining of the hydraulic cylinder and keeps them from finding their way to the fluid.

Improved Component Durability

Simple as a hydraulic cylinder may look, it encases many parts that work together to deliver the results achieved by a complex hydraulic system. These parts include connecting rods, bearings, piston bearings and valves. When using the hydraulic equipment, particles and impurities on the side of the cylinder increase the friction between the components of the cylinder and its walls. This leads to rapid wear and tear. Thankfully, honing removes all these particles and ensures that the components move back and forth smoothly within the cylinder.

Timely Detection of Repairs

Another important benefit of honing is that it helps you detect defaults and malfunctions more readily. For instance, the surface of the hydraulic cylinder can have fissures that allow unnoticeable leakages. With time, these fissures can become large and cause the hydraulic system to fail. Abrading the surface of the cylinder allows you to detect the fissures in good time and carry out repairs in a more timely manner. Honing deglazes the surface of the hydraulic cylinder to create a crosshatched finish. This crosshatched finish fills up the fissures and keeps the hydraulic fluid from leaking out of the system. To add on that, it also promotes proper lubrication for the machine and enables it to run more efficiently.


4 April 2017

Investing in New Diesel Pumps

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