Cold Room Controls You Shouldn't Miss Out On


People need medicine regularly to help them treat and recover from a host of medical conditions. The sale of medicinal drugs on wholesale thus presents a good business opportunity, provided you can meet the legal requirements to run such a business within your area. Since these drugs are sensitive and chemically reactive, you need a cold room to preserve and keep them in good condition for the needs of your patients. Ideally, it is important for your cold room to have some controls for ease of management. Here are some of the important cold room controls you need to know about:

Pressure Transducer

A pressure transducer is a type of sensor used to convert pressure into an electrical signal that can be read from an analog device. It is also referred to as a pressure transmitter. In a cold room, a pressure transducer transmits suction pressure information to the controller, which is used by the controller to compute superheat in the cold room. In doing so, the transducer plays an important role in selecting the right pressure range in the cold room, depending on the refrigerant you have selected.

Defrost Sensors

Since temperatures can get too low in the cold room, there is a risk of some drugs freezing and solidifying into ice. This is good for some drugs and vaccines such as MMR, but it doesn't work for all types of drugs. You need something that can help you manage freezing cycles, especially in cases where you accidentally forget to switch the cold room to an optimal temperature. Thankfully, defrost sensors are readily at your service.

A defrost sensor has three important features. The first one is the defrost failsafe time, which determines the maximum amount of time that defrosting can run before terminating the defrost cycle. Secondly, there is the defrost termination temperature. It determines the lowest defrost temperature that the unit must reach before terminating the freezing cycle. Lastly, there is the defrost start time and defrost period per day. This feature determines how long the freezing cycle will take and the time of day that it should start. Ideally, all these three work in conjunction to help you manage freezing cycles in your cold room.

Maximum Operating Pressure (MOP)

The MOP is a special feature that defines the maximum suction pressure in the cold room. Whenever the cold room reaches this pressure level, an electronic expansion valve closes gradually such that the suction pressure goes back to a value below the set point. This feature ensures energy efficiency by maintaining optimal pressure levels relative to the temperature in the cold room.  


4 April 2017

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